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Weather is best and worst this hunting season

As usual, the weather has dictated the success of this fall's hunting seasons. This early and heavy snow has provided unique challenges and opportunities for elk and deer hunters in the area.

Colorado Hunter 2013: Fish On! Angling options abound in Western Colorado

Rifle or rod, it doesn’t matter in western Colorado — world-class options abound for both pastimes.

Colorado Hunter 2013: Hints on cooking game

Don’t overlook basic spices when it comes to cooking game — they’re the foundations of a great-tasting meal.

Colorado Hunter 2013: Post-hunt activities

Already fill your tag? There are plenty of other things to do in Northwest Colorado

If you fill your tag early, or the weather isn’t cooperating for your hunt, there’s no shortage of activities you can do in Northwest Colorado. Following is a sampler of how to stay busy when you’re not out in the bush.

Colorado Hunter 2013: A letter from Colorado Parks and Wildlife

The 2013 hunting seasons should provide good opportunities for sportsmen across Colorado. Depending upon always changing weather conditions, these seasons should be a fun challenge for all hunters.

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Colorado Hunter 2013: My Gear Closet

As a passionate big game hunter I’m always on the lookout for something that will create a more enjoyable, possibly successful hunt. Over the years through trial and error, I’ve acquired a feel for what will work, what won’t and what new products may be worth trying.

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Colorado Hunter 2013: Big Game Licence and Harvest update

Big-game hunters will find slight changes in this year’s availability of deer licenses (more) and elk licenses (fewer).

Colorado Hunter 2013: Top 10 things to know when hunting on BLM lands in Colorado

Many people hunting in Colorado this season will take advantage of some of the 8.3 million acres of Bureau of Land Management-administered land in Colorado. The Northwest Colorado BLM District manages 5 million acres that include some of the best hunting opportunities in the state.

Colorado Hunter 2013: Hunting when it’s dry

With June coming in like a lamb and leaving like a thirstier lamb (Routt County saw only 0.01 inches of precipitation the entire month), hunting conditions could well be like they were last year: dry.

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Colorado Hunter 2013: Bear licenses on the rise

It’s not a good time to be a black bear in Western Colorado. After years of seeing bear populations grow and hearing a chorus of complaints from hunters, livestock growers and farmers, Colorado Parks and Wildlife is set to reverse that growth.

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Colorado Hunter 2013: Moose on the loose

Elk and deer aren’t the only trophy big game on hunter’s wish lists for northwest Colorado. The area also is a hotbed for moose, the largest deer in the world.

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Colorado Hunter 2013: Hunting 101 Big game tips for elk, deer and pronghorn

Filling your elk tag and putting meat in your freezer isn’t a given. On any given year, hunter success rates for elk in Colorado clock in near 20 percent. Following are a few tips to better your chances:

Colorado Hunter: Craig now “Elk Hunting Capital of the World”

It’s official: Craig is now the “Elk Hunting Capital of the World.” Having spent five years building the brand, businessman John Ponikvar trademarked the phrase this spring.

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Colorado Hunter 2013: License draws strong despite new gun control measures

The 2013 hunting season in Northwest Colorado is shaping up well despite concerns about new firearm legislation that took effect July 1.

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Colorado Hunter 2013: A tale of the taxing times Tax laws affect hunting parcels

For Chris Ricks and his brother, Jeff, preserving a pristine hunting ranch south of Hayden is proving difficult thanks to Uncle Sam’s estate tax laws.

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Colorado Hunter 2013: Understanding Preference points

A favorite hunting-camp conversation is how to get a big-game license through the state’s computer system. While not many hunters understand the convoluted system of checks and balances, most questions about how hunting licenses are allocated can be answered quite simply.

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