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Steamboat Lake Outfitters

There’s much more to hunting than just the kill. The release of the arrow or pull of the trigger may be the best part, but that neglects the hard work that got you there. Steamboat Lake Outfitters, established in 1986, works that moment and all those that lead up to it.

High Desert Outfitting

Hunters planning to try their luck in the upcoming seasons often face the choice of going it alone, or using the services of a guide and outfitter. While many prefer pitching their tent and cooking the meals, a number of hunters choose an outfitter to do the daily chores, allowing them more time out in the field.

Hunting Tales: Boone & Crockett mulie

After 36 years hunting mule deer in western Colorado, Jeff Draper, of Grand Junction, finally got his hunt of a lifetime. Draper, co-owner of Glass Pros in Grand Junction, won one of two raffles for a special 2013 Colorado mule deer license and wound up harvesting a buck that preliminarily was scored at 226 points, well up in the Boone & Crockett Club mule deer standings.

Preference points for hunting licenses 101

Here are 12 tips for earning preference points for hunting licenses.

Capturing memories: Photographing your trophy with a camera phone

The saying, “Without a photo, it didn't happen,” is never more important than recording that all-important trophy. Umm, you are carrying a camera, aren't you?

Survival skills for hunters

Inherent risks come with hunting. You’re often far from help, in unfamiliar terrain, and alone. Basic survival skills and equipment are essential.

The call of the wild: Game calls for hunting

Deep in the woods, a bull elk calls. While the sound will draw a cow elk, it also will bring other bulls in defending their territory from the challenge. That’s exactly why many hunters, especially during bow and black powder seasons, use calls to mimic the bugle of a bull — it brings prey to them instead of them tracking.

Archery in schools

The Colorado Archery in Schools Program follows strict guidelines outlined by its parent national program to bring archery to schools safely.

Saving your meat after the hunt

Early season big-game hunters, whether toting a bow, muzzle-loader or rifle, are bound to run into warm weather, requiring special care in preserving your meat.

8 archery tips from the trenches

Longtime Steamboat Springs archer Paul Franklin has stories about hunts that could hold court around any campfire and here are a few tricks from the trade he's learned over the years.

Hunting 101: Big game tips for elk, deer and pronghorn

Advice for hunting elk, deer and pronghorn in Colorado.

Rules of engagement

Go home with a trophy, not a ticket. That’s the message from game wardens, who are reminding hunters that violations can result in fines and the loss of hunting privileges.

5 tips for successful hunting

The average success rate of public land deer and elk hunters averages between 14 and 20 percent in Colorado, and here are five ways to tip the odds in your favor.  

Moose on the loose

Elk and deer aren’t the only trophy big game on hunter’s wish lists for Northwest Colorado. The area is also a hotbed for moose, the largest deer in the world.

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Deer prudence

Wildlife managers, including biologists and researchers, in recent years have adopted an “adaptive management” strategy when dealing with long- and short-terms management practices.

Why hunt does?

In what can only be seen as a search for answers, Colorado Parks and Wildlife earlier this year hosted a series of statewide meetings focused on the agency's proposed Colorado West Slope Mule Deer Strategy. The plan is looking for a suitable response to what has proven to be a West-wide decline in mule deer herds, a puzzling drop-off lacking any one clear reason.

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Deer fortunes

But while herds across the state still are trying to rebound from the horrific winter of 2007/08, when Colorado Parks and Wildlife mounted a wide-scale emergency winter feeding program, last year was relatively snow-free until late. Mule deer can survive bitter cold if they have access to fo

Limited licenses

In the 61 years since cow elk licenses first were limited in Colorado, hunters have become familiar with the concept of applying for, and not always getting, a license of their choice.

2013 Hunting Round-up

Numbers show an increase in big game harvesting, with Colorado Parks and Wildlife reporting elk and mule deer success rates climbing slightly over 2012.

Deer down, elk up

Thanks in part to a spring warm spell melting this winter’s copious snow, most of the 17,000 or so elk that winter north of U.S. Highway 40 between Steamboat Springs and Craig ended the winter in good condition, including last year’s calves.

Hunting Grand County

Thanks to vast tracts of public land and sizable animal herds, Grand County, which encompasses Kremmling, Hot Sulphur Springs, Granby and Grand Lake, is grand for hunting.

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GMU 2: Trophy Territory

While most every hunter hopes to bag a trophy, the chance to actually get a monster bull begins with research, preparation and patience. It also helps if you’re hunting Game Management Unit 2.

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Hunting Meeker: Small Town, Big Access

“The hunting is why I came out here, and that’s what I still love about it.”

The only thing meek about Meeker when it comes to hunting is that it’s quietly off the radar. But once people get a taste of what it offers in small-town friendliness and access to big game, they come back again and again.

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Hunting snapshot: western Colorado

If you’ve picked western Colorado as your hunting grounds this season, you couldn’t have chosen a better spot to set your sights. The Pacific-most portion of the Centennial State harbors the two key ingredients all hunters look for: some of the largest elk herds in the country, and extensive public lands.

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Craig: Elk Hunting Capital of the World

If you didn’t know it before, you do now: Craig is now the official Elk Hunting Capital of the World. While the town has ranked as high as 20th in Outdoor Life Magazine’s “Best Towns for Sportsmen” list over the years, it now has the above tagline notched into its rifle butt as well.

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Waterfowl stamps fund wetlands

The Colorado Waterfowl Stamp Program continues to generate revenue to fund wetland projects throughout the state, with more than $6.7 million raised for 19,500 acres with the Waterfowl Stamp fund...

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The Value of Velvet

Antler velvet a hot commodity

Shed antlers are big business. Discarded by elk and deer in the winter and early spring and then regrown later the same spring, elk and deer antlers are popular treasure hunt spoils for those willing to search them out.

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