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Parks and Wildlife investigating abandoned bull elk carcasses

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers are investigating a pair of big-game incidents. A bull elk carcass was dumped along Ute Pass Road near mile marker three, north of Silverthorne. CPW learned about the carcass on Oct. 6 and is asking the public for help identifying the person responsible.

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Name released for hunter missing near White River National Forest, search continues

David Boelcke, a 61-year-old man from Michigan, who was hunting in the White River National Forest, was reported missing this weekend by his hunting partner.

Train to Hunt regional, national event coming in summer

Train to Hunt is coming to Powderhorn Mountain Resort. The Greater Grand Junction Sports Commission recently announced that the Train to Hunt regional qualifier and national competition will be held at Powderhorn next summer

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Fishing in Northwest Colorado is great fall fun

Big game hunting usually grabs the headlines in Northwest Colorado this time of year, however fall fishing is also fantastic. “Fishing in the fall tends to be overlooked, but it can be one of the best times to enjoy the great outdoors in Colorado,” said Northwest Region Senior Aquatic Biologist Lori Martin in an email.

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Dead trophy elk abandoned near Rangely

A trophy-quality bull elk that was left to rot north west of Rangely has caught the attention of Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

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‘The dude won’t quit’

Longtime friends still hunting together years fter ALS diagnosis

The spoiler version of Matt and Darryl’s 2016 Colorado hunting trip goes like this: Darryl spots deer, Matt shoots deer, time to celebrate. That, however, is just the large print in the ongoing story of two long-time friends and their outdoor adventures.

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Wild game harvest and Craig businesses provide healthy eating

Northwest Colorado is a carnivore’s paradise with high quality beef, lamb, pork, and buffalo available direct from field to table, but this time of year another type of meat is making its way into the freezer — venison and you don’t have to be a hunter to enjoy some of the healthiest proteins on the planet. “A 3-ounce serving of roasted venison contains 140 calories, less than 1 gram of fat and 26 grams of protein, which is 50 percent of the daily value for protein if you follow a 2,000-calorie diet,” according to

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Muzzleloaders are used by area hunters to carry on historic firearms tradition

Hunters were out last week using muzzleloading firearms, technology developed in the 17th century that played a significant role in winning the American Revolution that is still being used in the annual chase for big game. Muzzleloaders are firearms that require the projectile or bullet and propellant charge, often black powder, to be loaded from the front, open end of the gun, called the muzzle.

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Celestial News: See Aquila the Eagle this week

Stroll outside on any late summer evening, look straight up and three very bright stars will catch your eye. These stars are named Vega, Deneb and Altair, and their familiar pattern is nicknamed the Summer Triangle.

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Archery tips for hunting in Northwest Colorado

Tips for hunters looking to bag game with a bow

It’s archery season in Northwest Colorado and the hunt is on to fill freezers, bag trophies and make memories. Two Craig businesses that are authorized archery equipment dealers are offering tips for a successful hunt.

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Moffat County teen starts tradition with first hunt

After bagging deer close to home, Tehya Johnson plans to hunt much more

You only get one hunting story about your first time claiming an animal, and Tehya Johnson will have a good yarn to spin for years to come. During Johnson’s first hunting season in October 2015, the teenager stuck close to home. Very close — specifically right in the driveway of her family’s house near Cedar Mountain, about five miles north of Craig in Northwest Colorado.

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Craig taxidermist preserves his trade, passes on knowledge

Colorado State Championships among many taxidermy shows Mark Zimmerman attends

Dozens of eyes stare down from the walls of Mark Zimmerman’s workshop on the outskirts of Craig, each belonging to an animal that, if it weren’t completely motionless, you would swear was still alive. That’s the aim of Bullseye Taxidermy, a business he has operated full-time for the past 13 years. In that time, he’s stuffed and mounted countless critters from a myriad hunting trips, many of which have earned him some prominent prizes.

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Craig’s ProHunt Concierge serves hunters around the globe

Owner: Colorado still a ‘premier destination’ with international reputation

The memories made on a hunting trip can last forever, but as Amy Martin Shaffer puts it, the one-tenth of a second it can take to pull the trigger can only happen after hours, days, weeks or months of preparation.

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Moffat County outfitter, out-of-state individuals charged for 2014 poaching activities

Mule deer buck considered trophy quality by Samson Law; fines exceed $24,000

The numbers speak for themselves in a Northwest Colorado poaching case involving four parties across three separate states with more than one year of investigation and thousands of dollars in fines. Colorado Parks and Wildlife released details Thursday about a November 2014 poaching incident involving a Moffat County outfitter and parties from Mississippi and Missouri.

Petition calls to end overlap between archery, muzzleloading seasons

A citizen petition was submitted to Colorado Parks and Wildlife requesting the overlapping of archery and muzzleloader seasons be eliminated in the late summer for safety reasons.

The Thrill of the Hunt

Volunteers lend their expertise to next generation

Kayla Coleman calmly traced the bird with her 20-gauge shotgun and gave the trigger a gentle squeeze.

A different trophy elk

Prehistoric big game known for magnificent tusks

It is elk hunting season in Colorado, and although many hunters are interested in harvesting an elk for its meat, some hunters are after a trophy bull.

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Training to hunt

Decavitch realizes being physically prepared to hunt is crucial

Besides target practice, Jeff Decavitch never thought about preparing for hunting season. Now, he understands that training makes for a better hunt. “I was way out of shape,” he said. “I used to be in pretty good shape when I was younger but I let myself go.” About three years ago, Decavitch started getting back into shape through a strict training regimen. He quickly discovered that it complemented his hunting. Then he combined the two and walked away with a national title.

Brown’s big buck

Teen archer Zachary Brown's kill may be one for record books

Zachary Brown took a deep breath and drew back on his bow. A big buck was in the cross hairs. His nerves were churning, but he focused on the deer. The situation was similar, but this hunt was different for the 14-year-old boy from Crawford. He’d already had successful hunts: two elk; three wild turkeys; and a bear, which is mounted and hanging on his bedroom wall.

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Moffat County opens up hunting opportunities to veterans

Program has helped more than 70 former soldiers

They’ve seen some of the toughest conditions the world has to offer in one of the most thankless jobs. They’ve made some significant sacrifices in their lives, and Northwest Colorado was glad to step up and do something to pay them back for their service. The Veterans Hunt Program through the Grand Junction Veterans Health Care System recently gave two former soldiers the chance to experience the splendor of Moffat County’s favorite pastime.


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