Dave Buchanan


Outdoors Writer and the newspaper’s Wine Writer. Raised in Colorado Springs, after college spent 18 winters working in the state’s ski industry and summers teaching for Colorado Outward Bound School and doing recreation management and timber stand surveys for the Gunnison National Forest. Previous newspapers include the Rifle Telegram and Durango Herald.

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‘The dude won’t quit’

Longtime friends still hunting together years fter ALS diagnosis

The spoiler version of Matt and Darryl’s 2016 Colorado hunting trip goes like this: Darryl spots deer, Matt shoots deer, time to celebrate. That, however, is just the large print in the ongoing story of two long-time friends and their outdoor adventures.

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40-year outfitter Jack Cassidy gets SCI’s 2015 pro hunter award

AFter 40 years in the outfitting business, Jack Cassidy of Loma was honored with Safari Club International’s North American Professional Hunter Award for 2015, marking the first time anyone from Colorado has won this award...

Waterfowl hunters may have to pay a little more for stamps next year

When Will Ela of Hotchkiss and countless other waterfowl hunters across the nation buy their next Federal Waterfowl Stamp, the price likely will have increased by $10 over this year’s $15.

The perfect ‘shot’

Some tips for taking a photo after the kill

It's the moment you’ve dreamt of for years ­— You’ve just taken the shot of a lifetime and the trophy of a lifetime is on the ground. Now, you’re faced with the second most-important shot of your life. This time, however, it’s with your camera. The saying “Without a photo, it didn’t happen” never rings more true than when you are recording that all-important trophy.

Meeker ranch to open for public hunters

A handful of big-game hunters this fall will get the rare opportunity for a free, private-land deer or elk hunt near Meeker.

Staying the course

Wildlife Commission: Hands off license allocation system

Taking the approach that “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it,” the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission on Friday agreed to take a hands-off approach to the current big-game license allocation process.

Young Utah hunters can learn the ropes

In a play-before-you-pay effort to attract more people to hunting, this year Utah is offering a program where any licensed hunter 21 years or older can take a person 12 years or older hunting.

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