Wolves at the door: November ballot proposal of high interest to Colorado hunters

A pack of wolves appears to be active in northwest Colorado after officials verified it last January with eyewitness sightings, a ravaged elk carcass and, yes, scat analysis, said Randy Hampton, Public Information Officer for Colorado Parks and Wildlife. “We know for a fact that wolves poop in the woods,” Hampton said, pausing before adding […]

10 test positive for COVID-19 at Routt County hunting camp

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — A hunting camp in Routt County recently experienced an outbreak of positive COVID-19 cases, county health officials confirmed Wednesday. The camp had 10 confirmed cases, none of which were permanent county residents. Not being local residents, those positives were not included in the county’s total number of cases. “They are here in […]

Mandatory testing for chronic wasting disease to be widespread in western Colorado this year

Deer hunters in much of western Colorado should be prepared to comply with a free, mandatory testing requirement for chronic wasting disease this fall as Colorado Parks and Wildlife undertakes what the agency is calling an effort to “test the rest” of the state for the disease. “In general this year we’re trying to kind […]

Colorado Hunter Q&A with Randy Hampton

Colorado Parks and Wildlife Northwest Region Public Information Officer Q. What kind of impact will COVID-19 have on this year’s hunting seasons? A. This is a really tough question to answer because it relies on a bit of guessing and a whole bunch of factors that are outside of CPW’s control.  Fortunately, hunting is a […]

Letter from Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Wow! What a crazy year. Like most of you, after a long few months of social distancing and Stay at Home orders, Colorado Parks and Wildlife is looking forward to the 2020 big game hunting seasons. Fall is such a beautiful time of year here and it’s always great to get out and enjoy in […]

Some dates have changed in 2020-2024 hunting seasons

You’ll notice some differences in this year’s hunting season schedule. Colorado Parks and Wildlife made some big changes to hunting season structures for elk and deer for 2020 through 2024 during its annual five-year big game season structure process, spelling some different dates for different seasons. “It’s a slight adjustment, but people need to be aware […]