Hunting Outlook for 2017

By Dave Buchanan Country singer Kenny Rogers once cautioned us that a wise gambler “knows when to hold ’em” and “knows when to fold ’em.” Far be it from me to suggest big-game wildlife biologists are gamblers, but there must be time they feel the deck has been stacked against them. The winter of 2016-2017 […]

Top Gun Archer Dougo Wentzel

By Melinda Mawdsley All was quiet in the early morning hours of the annual Western Colorado elk rut. Dougo Wentzel and a group of archery hunters moved into the middle of an opening when Wentzel started cow calling to see what animals were around. Within 45 minutes, he saw his opportunity and the calm morning […]

The Inside Skinny on Shed Antlers

By Dave Buchanan As spring comes to western Colorado, the signs of winter linger. Snowbanks hang on high mountain ridges, rivers fill to overflowing, and scattered across the high country, recently dropped deer and elk antlers tell of an annual process of loss and renewal. For many people, it’s these antlers, commonly called shed antlers […]

Shaping up for the season

By Dale Shrull Dan Meade and Ryan Wharton were breathing hard as they reached the final target. A quick look through his range-finder and Meade barked “24 yards!” He pulled the string on his bow, his right-side shoulder muscles and biceps rippling. Taking careful aim, his left eye shut tight, he released the string with […]