Impact of drought and fires is uncertain for Colorado hunters

The fire season of 2020 and the continuing drought won’t have too much of an impact on this year’s hunting season compared to last year, maintain wildlife officials, though there will be some changes. One change, according to Bob Morris, wildlife manager for Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Grand Junction District, is areas that were offlimits […]

Hunting theme is no longer mandatory in U.S. Fish & Wildlife duck stamp contest

ST. LOUIS — Artists will no longer have to incorporate hunting imagery to win a coveted spot for their work on the federal duck stamp, a reversal of a Trump-era requirement. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said it’s eliminating the “celebrating our waterfowl hunting heritage” theme from its annual Federal Duck Stamp contest, a […]

New big-game season structure for Colorado hunters

As with in 2020, you’ll notice some differences in this year’s hunting season schedule. Colorado Parks and Wildlife changed hunting season structures for elk and deer for 2020 through 2024 during its annual five-year big game season structure process, spelling some different dates for different seasons. “It’s just a slight adjustment, but people need to be aware of it,” says Area 6 Wildlife Manager Bill de Vergie. “It hadn’t been changed for […]

The 2021 edition of Colorado Hunter is here!

Welcome to the 2021 issue of Colorado Hunter, the premier guide to big-game hunting in western Colorado. (You can read the replica e-edition of the 2021 edition here, and look for printed copies at locations throughout Northwest Colorado in the coming weeks). We’re glad you chose our neck of the woods for your trip — […]

Grand Junction man pleads guilty to poaching charges

A Grand Junction man accepted a plea deal and pleaded guilty to several wildlife poaching charges.   Dylan Zuber, 23, of Grand Junction was charged with 20 counts of wildlife violations after a Colorado Parks and Wildlife investigation, according to an agency news release.   He pleaded guilty on July 26 in Mesa County Court […]

2021 Colorado hunting fees

Here are Colorado hunting fees for 2021:  DEER: DRAW (LIMITED) Resident — $41.28 Youth resident — $16.05 Nonresident (w/fishing) — $412.61 Youth nonresident (w/fishing) — $105.51 ELK: DRAW (LIMITED) Resident — $56.88 Youth resident — $16.05 Nonresident bull/either sex (w/fishing) — $688.26 Nonresident cow (w/fishing) — $516.63 Youth nonresident (w/fishing) — $105.51 PRONGHORN: DRAW (LIMITED) Resident — $41.28 Youth […]

Colorado Hunting: What’s new for 2021

What’s new for hunters in 2021?  Aside from continuing to follow COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions where appropriate, plenty — from a new secondary big game draw to season structure changes. Following is a snapshot from our friends at Colorado Parks and Wildlife. FALL TURKEY LICENSES ARE QUALIFYING LICENSES FOR THE SECONDARY DRAW: You can now use a fall […]

3D tourneys test skills of Colorado archers

A winding trail off the Utah Junction parking lot at Mary Jane reveals mountain goats, wolves, bear, elk, deer and even a couple of dinosaurs — all targets carefully placed by the Grand County Archers Association. In late July, the archers returned to the mountainside to put new holes in their targets — secured through […]

CPW lion management aims for stability in numbers

 Many Coloradans go a lifetime without ever getting the chance to see an elusive mountain lion in the wild. Others, unfortunately, encounter them far too close to home, raising concerns about potential conflicts between the big cats and humans. New Colorado Parks and Wildlife management measures seek to maintain healthy levels of lions while addressing […]