2012 updates for Northwest Colorado

■ LATE SEASON YOUTH ELK HUNT CHANGES Late youth hunts in many units are being restricted. See page 4 of the 2012 Colorado Big Game Brochure for additional information.

■ CLOSED HUNTS All pronghorn hunts in GMUs 41,62, and 411 have been closed to manage game populations. All 4th season buck hunts in units 41, 42, and 421 will not be available this year.

■ SOME DEER LICENSES CHANGED FROM LIST B TO LIST A TAGS Some licenses for areas north of Craig to the White River have been changed from List B to List A. Hunters may only purchase one List A tag to hunt deer.

■ MORE LIST B PRONGHORN LICENSES AVAILABLE Many licenses previously classified as List A are now classified as List B. Hunters may purchase up to two List B licenses. The pronghorn season in GMUs 41, 62, and 411 is closed to manage the population.

■ BEAR HUNT CODE CHANGES Bear hunters should pay close attention to hunt codes this year. The hunt code for the unit you like to hunt may have changed since 2011, and your license may be valid in a different unit that you are accustomed. See page 52 of the Big Game Brochure for details.

■ MOOSE PREFERENCE POINTS A new regulation allows hunters to keep moose preference points on record for 10 years. As with other big game, if you get a first-choice moose licenses, all of your accumulated points will be purged for that species.

■ NEW AMMUNITION RESTRICTIONS In state lands and State Wildlife Areas, a new regulation prohibits the possession of the following ammunition and/or firearms: tracer rounds, armor piercing rounds, military hardened round with explosive or radioactive substances, .50 caliber BMG rounds or fully automatic firearms.

■ COLORADO FIRES AND BURNING REGULATIONS Recent fires in Colorado affected large areas. Prior to setting up camp, check with local land management agencies for the most current fire regulations. Check with the local CPW office for current hunting conditions in areas possibly affected by fires.