Colorado Parks and Wildlife to consider creating annual and daily passes for wildlife areas

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission in March will consider a proposal to create a new state wildlife area annual pass costing $46.48.

The commission also will be considering a daily pass in the $8 to $9 range, consistent with what is charged at state parks.

The proposals come after CPW last year began requiring that people 18 or over possess a hunting or fishing license to enter state wildlife areas or trust lands. The agency took the step because state wildlife areas were bought using hunting and fishing dollars to conserve wildlife habitat and provide wildlife-related recreation, but are seeing increased use and impacts by people who don’t hunt or fish.

The policy has had ramifications at places such as the popular Loma Boat Launch State Wildlife Area, a popular boating put-in point on the Colorado River in Mesa County. It has meant that people wanting to access that and other state wildlife areas and trust lands have to choose from options such as buying an annual adult fishing license for about $35, an annual small game license for about $30, or day licenses that are about $14 a day. Those between 18 and 64 also need a habitat stamp costing more than $10 to buy an annual hunting or fishing license.

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