Hoyt Bows available in craig

Like automobiles, archery bows all have their defining characteristics that can breed lifelong customers.

Allen Jenkins, 58, owner of Craig’s Sand Springs Archery, says although archery shooters have their unique preferences, one product line stands out as the Cadillac among Moffat County bow hunters: the Hoyt.

“Bows are just like cars,” Jenkins says. “They all have their own specific features people either like or don’t like, but there are a lot of Hoyt shooters in Craig.”

Jenkins recently expanded his business into a larger space equipped with a target to allow customers to “test drive” bows, and also expanded his product line to include the highly sought-after Hoyt brand (he also sells Martin, PSE and Parker bows in his shop).

Although Jenkins was born in Oak Creek and raised in Craig, he’s a relative newcomer when it comes to slinging arrows. He picked up the sport about five years ago and was converted after his first trip into the field with a bow instead of his trusty rifle.

“There’s always something thrilling about being in the outdoors, but the weather is nicer and you get to hear more elk bugling during bow season,” he says.

Sand Springs Archery, which he opened in July 2012, offers new and consignment bows as well as a full-service repair shop. Jenkins sells used bows for a 20 percent fee largely to expand the sport to novices. “It’s a good opportunity for first-time shooters to try the sport and find out if they like it,” he says. “More often than not people come back for a new bow.”

With a rotating schedule as an equipment operator for Colowyo Coal Company, holding regular business hours is difficult. But look for a 3-D target out on Fourth Street as the surest sign that Sand Springs Archery is open. Customers also can set up a repair appointment by calling 970-824-0139.