Information sought in vandalism case

Authorities from Colorado Parks and Wildlife are investigating a case of vandalism that resulted in several hundred dollars worth of damage at the Cheyenne County Shooting Range, the agency reported in a news release.

The Cheyenne County shooting range is a public facility northeast of Cheyenne Wells.

Illegal activities began several weeks ago when CPW officer Todd Marriott noticed tire tracks on the hills surrounding the range. Marriott talked to people at the range regarding safety concerns over ATVs that were driving on and off the range while it was in use, according to the release.

Marriott installed a gate to prevent vehicles from driving in unsafe areas and a sign was put up to let people know the area was closed to ATVs, the release stated.

However since then new issues have surfaced.

Someone has been dumping trash and shooting at fence posts in the parking area. The perpetrators damaged the gate, destroyed the lock and shot the property sign on the county road near the entrance multiple times, according to the release.

“It is disheartening to believe that a few people are destroying the community’s shooting range,” Marriott said in the release. “Colorado Parks and Wildlife and community volunteers have put many hours and sportsman’s dollars into the creation and upkeep of this range. The range was designed as a safe place for sportsmen to shoot, but the illegal activity indicates dangerously reckless behavior.”

Anyone with information about the people responsible is encouraged to call Marriott at 719-340-0279 or the Cheyenne County Sheriff’s office at 719-767-5633.

Marriott says if the vandalism continues, Colorado Parks and Wildlife may have to close the area to public access.

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