Letter from Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Wow! What a crazy year. Like most of you, after a long few months of social distancing and Stay at Home orders, Colorado Parks and Wildlife is looking forward to the 2020 big game hunting seasons. Fall is such a beautiful time of year here and it’s always great to get out and enjoy in Northwest Colorado’s amazing natural resources.

While it felt like much of the world was shut down this spring, CPW was still working hard on some important changes. So far this year, CPW has added more than 27,000 acres of public land access for big game hunting in Northwest Colorado. Working with private landowners, state agencies and federal partners to create access opportunities is critical to keep hunting traditions alive and well.

In May, the CPW Commission passed a regulation that requires anyone over the age of 18 who enters a State Wildlife Area to have a proper and valid hunting or fishing license. These important wildlife areas were paid for with your hunting and fishing dollars. Conserving these parcels for their intended purposes — whether for wildlife habitat or hunting and fishing access — is only possible if more people participate in funding conservation by purchasing hunting or fishing licenses. Protecting habitat and access is becoming more and more important as Colorado’s population swells. With more and more recreation — from hiking and camping to mountain biking — wildlife faces new challenges of disturbance, increased litter, habitat degradation and overcrowded access points. We’re working hard to address those issues with your help and support.

We’re proud of our team of professionals in CPW’s northwest region. From customer service representatives to the researchers behind the scenes, our region is committed to conserving the state’s natural resources. For more than 125 years, Colorado’s wildlife professionals have been shaping, conserving and building the most robust wildlife populations in the nation. We appreciate the role that you, as hunters, play in this important work. Thank you for being part of the team.

We’re proud of the wildlife resources we manage on your behalf and we wish you the best of luck on your hunt. If you need anything to help your adventure be safe, legal and successful, please contact the local CPW office or visit cpw.state.co.us.