The 2020 edition of Colorado Hunter is here!

It’s that time of year again, when hunters converge on Western Colorado for some of the best hunting in the world. And Colorado Hunter, the premier guide to big-game hunting in Western Colorado, is here to ensure you’re up to date on the latest news and trends.

That includes the impacts hunters may experience from the coronavirus pandemic, chronic wasting disease’s effect on regional herds and the controversial Colorado ballot initiative that proposes to formally reintroduce wolves in Colorado.

These are not normal times as our sport experiences greatly change.

As Dan England writes in our “Hunting and COVID-19” article in our new 2020 issue – available on news racks throughout Western Colorado or via our replice e-edition – the pandemic has triggered uncertainty in a sport where social distancing in the great outdoors may seem a matter of course, yet presents very different challenges off the hunt. For the small communities that have embraced visiting hunters for decades, there’s a layer of anxiety among some residents concerned visitors will fail to abide by local health protocols and trigger sharp increases in COVID cases that overwhelm limited healthcare facilities.

“I hope hunters respect the wishes of those small communities,” said one concerned resident.

It’s a concern that could be directed at any visitor, but hunters are accustomed to having a proverbial target on their backs in some circles. The large majority of hunters treat the sport with a respect that we believe will carry over into the communities they visit. We all can lead by example.

Challenges aside, this issue of Colorado Hunter also highlights the sport’s many positives.

They include the inspiring story of a Colorado hunter whose skills earned a return trip to a global skills competition; the growth of hunting as a food source rather than a pursuit of trophies; an ace hunter who now finds his thrills armed only with a “black powder” muzzleloader; and Billy Van Ness’ three-tips-per-species for successful big-game hunts in Northwest Colorado.

There’s much more in this 132-page issue, which should be your constant companion throughout this 2020 season.

Before you dig further into the magazine, I’d like to thank Eugene Buchanan, the longtime Colorado Hunter editor who shepherded the bulk of this issue of Colorado Hunter before the pandemic delivered painful cuts to our staffing. Eug is a great guy, and we’re hopeful he can return as part of a “new normal.”

I’d also like to thank the many Colorado Hunter advertisers who support our mission and your passion for the sport. They need your business more than ever, so please let them know you appreciate their loyalty and commitment to Colorado Hunter.

Here’s to good friends, fruitful hunts, and a safe and healthy season!