Train to Hunt regional, national event coming in summer

Train to Hunt is coming to Powderhorn Mountain Resort.

The Greater Grand Junction Sports Commission recently announced that the Train to Hunt regional qualifier and national competition will be held at Powderhorn next summer.

The regional qualifier will take place on June 24. The national championships take place from July 8–9.

Train to Hunt is a national organization dedicated to extending wellness and improving the performance of hunters through intense exercise programs. It offers seminars on fitness, nutrition and hunting, and hosts Train to Hunt Challenges across the country each spring and summer.

“I’m thrilled to bring the 2017 regional qualifier and national championships to Powderhorn,” Train to Hunt Founder Kenton Clairmont said. “The resort has everything desired for an amazing competition, plus a surrounding community that is passionate about hunting and fitness.”

The unique competition is designed to challenge the fitness of archery hunters. Competitors participate in a variety of fitness and bow hunting events that simulate conditions that archery hunters face during the season season.

Competitors are confronted by a challenging course, with three dimensional shooting sections.

In August 2015, the national competition was held in Sedalia, Colorado and a number of locals competed.

Jeff Decavitch won the Super Masters over-50 division, and Jasmine Johnson and Linsey Lou won the Women’s Team National Champion

“We’re very excited to be the host for these great events,” said Sam Williams, general manager of Powderhorn. “We can offer a wide range of course options, from easy to extreme, that will be challenging for even the fittest athletes and it allows us to host competitors from across the country at Powderhorn bringing great exposure to the entire Grand Valley.”

The national championship event draws more than 150 athletes along with many families and spectators.

“Landing Train to Hunt regionals and national championships is a great accomplishment for our community,” said GGJSC Executive Director Jennifer Stoll. “This event is an example of how we can team up with local partners and national events to create something that is beneficial for all. It’s going to be an exciting summer.”