Welcome to Colorado Hunter

Welcome to the 2011 issue of Colorado Hunter, the premier guide to big-game hunting in this beautiful place we call Northwest Colorado.

There’s a reason the hunters among us call the region home.

Come fall, it offers some of the best deer and elk hunting in the world, whether you’re pulling back a bow or sighting in a scope.

Whatever your big game fancy, we hope you plan on Northwest Colorado as your hunting destination for years to come.

While the area offers limitless recreational opportunities year-round — on top of outstanding scenery, friendly locals and Old West charm — for hunters the action arrives every autumn when game starts making its way down from the high country to its winter range.

Following this annual movement, thousands of hunters from across the country make a migration also, flocking to the mountains of Meeker, Craig, Hayden and Steamboat Springs to enjoy one of the largest elk herds in the nation.

While not all of you will fill your tags, the real reward comes in the experience and camaraderie you’ll discover in one of the most beautiful locations in Colorado. It’s as much about the companionship and stories you share around the campfire as it is the harvest you take home.

This magazine is designed to offer something for everyone — from novices hearing their first bugle to seasoned veterans looking for a record trophy. Inside you’ll find tips on what to bring and where to go, as well as herd updates, tales from local hunts, taxidermy hints and a complete resource directory offering everything you need for your stay, from information on outfitters and guides to meat processors and stores to equip your excursion.

As a bonus, there’s even a special section on a few local Olympians who put their training on hold every fall to take advantage of this place we all call home.

And who knows? After your hunt, maybe you’ll like it so much that you, too, decide to hang your hat here for a while. We’d be more than happy to have you in our neck of the woods.

Bryce Jacobson, publisher, Craig Daily PressBryce Jacobson, publisher, Craig Daily Press

Bryce Jacobson, publisher, Craig Daily Press

Scott Stanford, general manager, Steamboat TodayScott Stanford, general manager, Steamboat TodayScott Stanford, general manager, Steamboat Today