What’s new for the 2014 hunting season

Elk and deer aren’t the only trophy big game on hunter’s wish lists for northwest Colorado. The area also is a hotbed for moose, the largest deer in the world.

The 2014 hunting season is almost upon us, and once again Northwest Colorado is buzzing with activity. Following is a brief rundown of what’s new for 2014, as well as this year’s seasons and fees. Happy hunting!

Fees ($10 2014 Habitat Stamp required)


Draw (limited)

• Resident — $34

• Youth resident — $13.75

• Non-resident (w/ fishing) — $364

Youth non-resident (w/ fishing) — $103.75


• Resident — $31

• Youth resident — $10.75

• Non-resident (w/ fishing) — $361

Youth non-resident (w/ fishing) — $100.75


Draw (limited)

• Resident — $49

• Youth resident — $13.75

• Non-resident bull/either sex (w/ fishing) — $601

• Non-resident cow (w/ fishing) — $451

• Non-resident either sex — $589

Youth non-resident (w/ fishing) — $100.75


Draw (limited)

• Resident — $34

• Youth resident — $13.75

• Non-resident — $364

• Youth non-resident — $103.75

Note: Subtract $3 for over-the-counter


Draw (limited)

• Resident — $44

Non-resident — $354

Note: Subtract $3 for over-the-counter


Draw (limited)

• Resident — $254

Non-resident — $2009

*Nonresident fishing licenses are good through March 31, 2015. Prices include a 25-cent search-and-rescue fee, a 75-cent surcharge for the Wildlife Management Education Fund and a $3 application fee for limited licenses applied for in the draw.

Hunting seasons:

• Archery (deer/elk) — Aug. 30 to Sept. 28

Archery (pronghorn; bucks only) — Aug. 15 to Aug. 31

Archery (pronghorn; either sex) —Sept. 1 to 20

Archery (moose) — Sept. 6 to 28

• Muzzleloading (deer/elk/moose) — Sept. 13 to 21

Muzzleloading (pronghorn) — Oct. 21 to 29

Rifle (moose) — Oct. 1 to 14

Rifle (limited elk) First season — Oct. 11 to 15

Rifle (deer/elk) Second season — Oct. 18 to 26

Rifle (deer/elk) Third season — Nov. 1 to 9

Rifle (deer/elk) Fourth season — Nov. 12 to 16

Rifle (pronghorn/draw) — Oct. 4 to 10

Black Bear

Rifle limited (by draw): Sept. 2 to 30

Archery (over-the-counter w/caps) — Sept. 2-28

Muzzleloading (over-the-counter w/caps) — Sept. 13-21

Rifle (over-the-counter w/caps) — concurrent with deer/elk rifle seasons

Non-residents get bonus annual fishing license

All nonresidents who purchase a big game license in Colorado will now receive a combination big game license/fishing license, good until March 31, 2015.

Drone use illegal

The use of unmanned, remote control aircraft to look for wildlife or aid in hunting is now illegal.

Mule deer

Youth hunts added: Youth-only muzzleloader and rifle hunts for antlerless mule deer have been added to GMUs 43, 47 and 471.


Successful moose populations mean numerous new hunts are available across the state. In the Northwest, cow hunts are now available in GMUs 15 and 27 and bull licenses also are available for the first time in 15 and 27. Also for the first time, new hunts in GMUs 1 and 201 are available.

New auction/raffle dates

The new closing date for the mule deer season auction and raffle licenses is the end of November, or the end of the last antlered or either-sex season in a unit, whichever comes later.

Ammunition restrictions

In state lands and State Wildlife Areas, a regulation prohibits the possession of the following ammunition and/or firearms: tracer rounds, armor piercing rounds, military hardened round with explosive or radioactive substances, .50 caliber BMG rounds or fully automatic firearms.

Preference point fee increase

Hunters will pay $40 for preference point fees if they did not purchase a license the previous year and otherwise are not exempt. Resident deer and pronghorn point fees have been raised to $30.

Forest Service closures

There will be closures in GMU 19 west of Fort Collins in the Canyon Lakes Ranger District as well as in areas where roads and trails were damaged by the 2013 flood in GMUs 8, 19, 20 and portions of 29, 38 and 191. Info: www.fs.usda.gov/goto/r2/huntnfs-cowww.fs.usda.gov/goto/r2/huntnfs-co..


Land-owner elk pilot program

The Land-owner Elk Pilot Program has been discontinued.

Moose (new hunts)

There are new hunts for bulls and cows in GMUs 15 and 27. For the first time, either-sex licenses are available for GMUs 1 and 201 near the Utah border (hunters who have already harvested a bull may not apply).

Bear (new private land hunt)

A new private-land-only rifle hunt in GMUs 48, 49, 56, 57, 481 and 561 is available. Licenses are over-the-counter with caps, limited in number. Applications submitted for hunters who don’t already have a 2014 Habitat Stamp will be disqualified.


Customers will no longer be contacted if there are errors on applications, including those without correct fees, no hunter education checked, incorrect hunt codes or those lacking a 2014 Habitat Stamp.


List A/B/C Changes in Gunnison, San Luis Valley

Licenses for elk hunts in the San Luis Valley are changing from List C to List B. Also, in GMU 54 in the Gunnison Basin, List C licenses are now List B to help maintain the elk population at current numbers. Hunters may only purchase two List B tags per year.


Over-the-counter tags now available

To help manage the spread of whitetail deer, this year marks the first availability of over-the-counter, white-tail-only deer tags for Southcentral GMUs west of Interstate 25.

Youth hunts added

Youth-only muzzleloader and rifle hunts for antlerless deer have been added to GMUs 43, 47 and 471. Habitat stamp required before draw — If you haven’t already purchased a 2014 Habitat Stamp and are between 18-64 when you buy or apply for a license, you must buy a Habitat Stamp or submit the payment with your big-game application.