onX navigation and mapping app continues to evolve to fit needs of Colorado hunters

Digital navigation/GPS mapping company onX launched its Hunt app as its flagship product in 2009, and it’s seen tremendous growth and updates ever since. Today, millions of hunters trust it to help them know where they stand, increase their success and get home safely. While the company recently expanded into the offroad, ski and trail […]

New ammo-free shooting range opens in Rifle

Using ammunition at a live shooting range can be costly. Timberline Sporting Goods owner Paul Kaufmann wants to provide a cheaper alternative. Ushering in Black Friday, Kaufmann hosted an all-day demonstration of the Rifle outdoor shop’s new virtual shooting range. Equipped with laser-shot simulations, users can take aim at a giant screen and enhance their […]

Colorado hunting: Understanding preference points in pursuit of the right hunt

Got a preference points migraine? Like an elk in a herd, you’re not alone. Fortunately, our friends at Colorado Parks and Wildlife offer the following pointers on understanding preference points. • Preference points are awarded by species, not hunt code. Points can be used to apply for any type of license available for that species. […]

Tips for hunting turkey in Northwest Colorado

Avid turkey hunter and Colorado Parks and Wildlife District Wildlife Manager Jeff Goncalves offers a few hints on getting ready for and heading out on your next turkey hunt. Colorado Hunter: What’s the best way to get ready to go turkey hunting? Goncalves: Basically, you have to know where a good hunting spot is. Turkeys […]

Bighorn odyssey: Once-in-a-lifetime hunting opportunity

Bryan McClaskey’s lifelong dream of a bighorn sheep hunt ended up as an epic marathon adventure — on horseback and on foot. McClaskey’s bighorn trek was more like 100-plus miles on horseback and more than a marathon (26 miles) on foot. And years in the making.  The bighorn odyssey included a horse that broke free […]

CPW plan could mean higher bear hunting license quotas in Eagle County

Colorado Parks and Wildlife released its black bear management draft plan earlier this month, amid long-term growth in the number of conflicts between bears and humans. The plan proposes two options: maintaining the bear population’s status quo or actively decreasing the bear population. “We’re one of the highest-calling areas in the state,” Darren Chacron, CPW […]

‘Right up there with Black Friday and Christmas’: Businesses relish revenue from hunting season

A ‘Welcome Hunters’ sign hangs in the window of Downtown Books on Yampa Avenue in mid-October. Cuyler Meade / Craig PressHunting season in Moffat County brings with it an influx of people from all over the country. To businesses in the community, those people bring their money, as well.Local business owners and managers across various retail […]

Officials looking for poacher who shot moose near Dunckley Pass

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is asking for help to find a hunter who shot and killed a moose last weekend in the Dunckley Flat Tops Area in south Routt County. “It probably happens maybe half a dozen times a year,” said District Wildlife Manager Justin Pollock, who received a tip about the violation. “What we […]

Fate of the Northwest Colorado wolf pack remains a mystery

On a hazy July afternoon, wolf expert Karin Vardaman returned to a spring-fed pond in Colorado’s northwestern-most corner. Enough rain had fallen to wet the ground around the watering hole. She tiptoed across the soft earth — careful not to disturb any impressions left by cattle and pronghorn antelope — until one track filled her […]